Smile for Dreams

Crack this one!!!

Want to test your skills? Try this one!! It all starts with the simple ones, as the level goes complexity shoots even higher. There are 15 levels in this beginners, If you are able to crack all, then submit the final URL in our Contact Us page. Dont forget to include your email id!!

If you find yourself lost or if you want to challenge the questions use contact me. It helps me to improve it next time.

How to Crack??

Each Page will contain some questions or puzzles, and clue to the answers or the question itself will be hidden some where in the page itself(Look out even for the page source, page title). So keep your eyes wide open!!

After finding out answer, just construct the URL with your anwser and append the level to it. If you get a page, then it is correct answer otherwise keep trying.

Level 0: Who assisted Edmund Hillary to climb Mount Everest?
Answer would be Tenzing Norgay. So the URL is tenzingnorgay-0.htm, complete URL is

- Provide URL only in small case.
- always expand the answers, eg: dont just give usa, instead try unitedstatesofamerica or america
- DO NOT include space or special symbols

What are you waiting for, start with level 0 Enjoy!!